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воскресенье, 10 июля 2011 г.

Beedie - The Beat Bully (2011)

Genre:Underground Hip-Hop       Size:139 mb 

01. Intro To Beat Bullying
02. Kushed Out (feat. Rell B)
03. Beedie Sings The Blues
04. Mad Science (feat. Jon Quest)
05. Dolo (feat. Gene Stovall)
06. Hello (It's Me Again)
07. Intermission In Space
08. Cardiac Arrest (feat. Ghosty)
09. Push
10. Story Of My Life
11. My Love Song
12. Questions (feat. Gene Stovall)
13. 93 Til Infinity Freestyle (feat. Jon Quest)
14. The Beat Bully
15. Varsity Squad - U Minor, We Major (feat. One Be Lo of Binary Star)
16. Coolin' Out

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